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International Faculty Wanted at Sanya University

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Ⅰ. Sanya University Profile


Established in 2005, Sanya University (USY) is located in “the Oriental Hawaii” Sanya City of Hainan Province, the biggest special economic zone in China. Sponsored by Geely Holding Group, one of the global enterprises, USY is the earliest and largest private university in Sanya City and also one of the fastest developing and most competitive private universities in China. 


USY covers a campus area of 233 hectares and has 16 schools with 63 subjects and specialties in Bachelor Degree, covering 9 disciplines in Law, Humanities, Economics, Management, Engineering, Natural Sciences, Agriculture, Education and Art and initially forming a rather reasonable, mutual-support and well-matched discipline system. USY has accommodated 20,000 undergraduate students since 2010 and provides students with cooperative postgraduate education programs. Simultaneously, Sanya Polytechnic Vocational College, with the same investor and legal representative as USY, offers three-year higher vocational education with a student population of near 5,000. Currently, USY has grown into the top 3 private universities in China and  has been listed on China’s top 50 universities for graduate employability by the Ministry of Education (MoE). In December of 2014, USY accepted the assessment for the undergraduate work of the emerging universities and successfully passed the accreditation by the MoE. In 2016, at the Hainan Provincial First “Opal Living Cup” Top Ten Buildings Series Selection, USY’s Library and Campus were separately awarded prizes of “The Top Ten Buildings of Contemporary Hainan” and “The Top Ten Ecological Buildings in Hainan”.


By adhering to the educational mission of “preparing students to be more valuable contributors for society in the future” and in accordance with the general development of the “great special economic zone” in Hainan and the new developmental trend of Hainan International Tourism Island, USY builds discipline and specialty group in line with developmental orientation of “business discipline” and tourism industry chain since its establishment. In March of 2016, the world’s first Silk Road Business School was co-established by USY and the International Cooperation Center of National Development and Reform Commission, in which 3 English teaching specialties, including Business Administration (Concentration on International Production Capacity Cooperation Service ), International Economics & Trade (Concentration on Trade Management and Services for FTZ) and Hospitality Management (Sino-foreign Cooperatively Running Program), are offered and have officially recruited students in September of 2016. Currently, 7 universities in countries of the Northern Europe, South Asia and East Africa have been involved into comprehensive cooperation. USY devotes to building platforms and expands international cooperation and exchange. So far, USY has established rather comprehensive partnerships with over 50 universities in America, U.K., France, Germany, Russia, Thailand and dozens of other countries. Meanwhile, Continuous efforts are made to improve the enrollment of international students.


During the National 13th Five Year Plan, USY will proactively dock 12 key industries in Hainan. Based on regional advantage of “One Belt One Road” pivot city, USY is devoting to pursuing sustainable and harmonious development with more open vision and distinct goals. Actively responding to the national strategic of “going global”, USY is committing to build itself into an excellent representative of modern Chinese private universities by fulfilling its outstanding development period and mapping out deeper international cooperation and stronger capability of international expansion.


Ⅱ. Job Description

-Language Teacher:

Position 1: Teacher For Undergraduate Students (English Majors)

Position 2: Teacher For Undergraduate Students (Non-English Majors) at relevant Schools


-Professional Lecture:

Position 3: Lecture For Undergraduate Students (Business Administration)

Position 4: Lecture For Undergraduate Students (International Economics and Trade)

Position 5: Lecture For Undergraduate Students (Hospitality Management)


Note: Positions aforementioned should be English teaching. Courses are to be assigned based on the applicant’s qualifications and demand specifications in relevant Schools of USY.


Ⅲ. Teaching Staff Criteria

1. Qualification

The qualified candidates should be: 

under 60 years old;

native speaker of English;

Bachelor Degree at least, with 2 years formal teaching experience in higher educational institute (Priority is given to Master and Doctorate Degree holders).

2. Workload: 16 class hours per week normally plus a couple of office hours.

3.  in excellent physical condition; all applicants should take and pass the physical examination.

4. no undesirable conduct.   

5. professional and wholehearted commitment to teaching; willingness to cooperate with colleagues and departmental leaders is of utmost importance.

6. teachers’ qualification certificate, TEFL, ESL or CELTA is preferable.


Ⅳ. Required Documents

1.  Application Form of Foreign Candidates for Teaching Positions at Sanya University (see attachment one)

2.  Detailed CV

3. Passport-sized photo

4. Copy of passport photo page

5. Copies of relevant certificates and diplomas, esp. the highest degree

6.  Recommendation Letter or Employment Certificate from the previous employers for all teaching experiences, to confirm the years of teaching experience (if it is a Chinese institution, Recommendation Letter Form for the Foreign Teacher or Expert (see attachment two) should be provided, as required for visa; if it is outside boarders, no limited form requirements)

7. Detailed Health Check Report recently (report in the latest one year is preferable)

8. Application Deadline: Faculty recruitment will continue until the positions are filled

Note: These documentations should be sent to this email: sanya_university@126.com, with the file name of “Position ** + your name”, eg: Position 1 + Tom.


Ⅴ. Payment Standards for All Positions

1. Salary: In line with the regulations of the Human Resources Department of USY and the candidate’s qualifications.  

2. Housing Conditions: free apartment with one bedroom, living room and independent bathroom, well-equipped furniture and bedding.

3. Medical Insurance and Medical Allowance: Comprehensive medical insurance,  and a certain amount of medical allowance.

4. Other Welfare: food, transportation, and water and electricity allowance; parties or allowance for all foreign teachers in major holidays; etc.


Ⅵ. Contact Information

Contact person: Nana Chen

Tel.: +86-898-8838-6171

E-mail: sanya_university@126.com

Address: Rm. 326, International Department, Shuhai Building, Sanya University, Xueyuan Rd., Yingbin Ave., Sanya, Hainan, P. R. China

Zip Code: 572022


We warmly welcome the overseas talents to Sanya, the beautiful “Oriental Hawaii” beach city, and to Sanya University, a university with tropical-garden style campus.


Attachment one: Application Form of Foreign Candidates for Teaching Positions at Sanya University

Application Form.doc

Attachment two: Recommendation Letter Form for the Foreign Teacher or Expert 

Template of Recommendation Letter Form.doc





























1. 资历要求:60周岁以下,母语为英语,至少有大学学士学位且两年以上高校教学工作经验(具备硕士以上学位者优先考虑);

2. 工作量:每周16课时,另加一定的office hour;

3. 身体健康,体检合格,无不良嗜好;

4. 工作认真负责,具备团队合作精神和良好的职业习惯;

5. 有教师资格证书或TEFL、ESL、CELTA证书者优先。



1. 《三亚学院国际师资应聘申请表》(附件一);

2. 详细简历;

3. 近期2寸证件照;

4. 护照有效页复印件;

5. 最高学历、学位证书复印件及相关证书复印件;

6. 应聘者曾任教单位推荐信或任职证明,用于证明教学经验年限(若上一任职单位在中国大陆,则须由该单位出具《外国文教专家和外籍专业人员推荐信》(详见附件二),用于办理签证;若上一任职单位在境外,则无统一格式要求。);

7. 近期详细体检报告(一年内);

8. 应聘截止时间:以收到申请资料时间为序,额满为止。




1. 工资:根据教育背景及工作经验,按照三亚学院相关政策规定执行。

2. 住房:学校免费提供一室一厅公寓,家具卧具配备齐全。

3. 医疗保险和医疗费用补贴:学校为外籍教师购买在中国大陆有效的重大疾病及意外事故保险以及提供相应的医疗费用报销。

4. 其他福利:(1)餐补;(2)水电补助;(3)国际旅费补助;(4)重要节假日过节补贴等。




联系电话:+86-898-8838 6171